LA Lakers Acquire Dwight Howard!


LA Lakers Acquire Dwight Howard!  Aren’t you excited if you are a Lakers fan?  Well, I am…

Sorry, but this hasn’t happened yet, but I know so many are hoping and waiting to see if the LA Lakers Acquire Dwight Howard, right?!?  I’m one of those that are keeping my fingers crossed as well, because I would surely love to see Kobe Bryant and crew crowned the 2012 NBA Champions!

I am one of the biggest Lakers there is, and really hope that we have a great season, but if Dwight Howard traded to Lakers hit the headlines, then I’m gonna be bragging like a mug… lol

LA Lakers Acquire Dwight Howard!

Now, if you are like me and actually see this hit the headlines on maybe, or, then you’d probably have to take off from work just to get over the excitement.  (I’m just kidding so calm down)

I will leave you alone now, so don’t get over excited if you are a Lakers fan.  It hasn’t happened yet, but let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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ZNZ Big Cash Exposed!


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Can You Really Make Money With ZNZ Big Cash?

I know your probably thinking, “how can ZNZ Big Cash allow me to make this kind of money?  Yes, I was thinking the very same thing until I did my research and notice how this opportunity was changing lives.  Do your research because Knowledge is power.  So if you have been looking for an online business opportunity, being that this economy is at an all time low, then you’ve just found what you need, to either replace existing income, or to supplement what you’re already earning.  Take action now and become successful with ZNZ Big Cash.

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ZNZ Big Cash Review by Andre Smith


ZNZ Big Cash  is a pretty interesting business opportunity that has come into play roughly over three years ago.  Some people have referred to this program as the “recession savior,” especially for ones who have been impacted by the economy in various way; so in essence many have turn to ZNZ Big Cash to help support their families.

A company better known as Zip Nada Zilch has impacted the world of internet marketing, to where it has played a vital part in helping many achieve success right from the comfort of their own homes.   With that being said, ZNZ Big Cash has contributed to this company paying out millions over the past 3 years.

Why should I Join ZNZ Big Cash?

Now actually before signing up for ZNZ Big Cash, one should probably opt to getting started with a program called ZNZ One first.  ZNZ One is a incredible marketing opportunity, by which they can promote numerous products and services through different trial offers.

Some of the companies that are interested in giving trial offers include Wal-Mart, Netflix, Gamefly, Satellite TV and Credit Report, just to name a few. These companies are ready to pay some hefty incentives to the customer for completing the trial offers or services.

By the way, ZNZ One pays $20 per referral and ZNZ Big Cash pays $60 – $80 per referral.  Now that’s pretty lucrative in my opinion.

One of my favorite things about this opportunity is that it pays daily.  Yes, I did say each day.  Now that’s money directly to your paypal daily.  After seeing this happen continuously, you’d probably have tons of enthusiasm, which would make you want to keep having this happen over and over again, right?

After reading reviews and researching the internet carefully about this ZNZ One and ZNZ Big Cash opportunity, you’ll then discover that this is the real deal – you’ll get a much clearly understanding of how it works.  After choosing to get involved, your financial struggles with be over and you’ll succeed much faster than you could’ve imagined!

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Empower Network - I think it's all hype?


What’s going on with all of this hype surrounding Empower Network?  Is this really the real deal or is just another over-hyped program that will fade into the sea of no return?  These all are valid question, but in my honest opinion, The Empower Network is one of the best blogging platforms that has ever been created.

Dave Wood and Dave Sharp created the Empower Network, because they wanted to help other achieve success as they have already accomplished success on many levels.   They really wanted to create an atmosphere that would allow other online entrepreneurs to experience success with taking away a little of the learning curve.

Many people are already experiencing a ton of success with this great platform, and No The Empower Network isn’t a scam, because so many are having great results!

Get off of the fence and join myself Andre’ Smith with The Empower Network!

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